About Dr. Seth Gerlach

Like you, I have experienced many health problems. My body didn’t break down all at once, but slowly over time. From the age of 13 to 18, I experienced debilitating back and neck pain, terrible migraines, vertigo, crippling depression and anxiety, severe stomach issues, intense brain fog, and ongoing fatigue. I quit sports, my relationships suffered, and I was extremely unhappy. It’s a dark place when you are so sick that you map out the hospitals along your trips, making sure you could get help quickly if needed.

I went down the conventional medical route, seeing dozens of doctors, specialists, and taking multiple medications. Doctors told me that I should get used to living like this and that I should continue taking the meds, even though I was getting worse.

Going through the process of being sick made me value my health more than anything. It also opened my eyes to conventional medicine vs. natural healthcare. In seeking out natural and Functional Medicine, I was able to get rid of all my symptoms, leaving behind all my medications and diagnoses. In the process I lost 55 pounds, gained muscle, brain power, and confidence, and I am now the healthiest I have ever been. Now I get to give hope to others who suffered just like me, helping them turn their health and lives around.

On my health journey, I attended the University of Missouri, then received a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic. Following graduation, I continued my training by receiving a Diplomate in Internal Diagnosis from the American Board of Chiropractic Internists. I have since completed multiple training courses in Functional Medicine.

I believe that the body is made to heal!  By removing harmful substances, thoughts, and habits, the body can begin to heal. And after adding in what the body has been missing, health can soar!