The RIGHT Diet Method

The RIGHT Diet Method

Finally find out the right foods for your individual health!

How Does it Work?

This is NOT another fad food program!

Are you ready to FINALLY learn which foods could be contributing to brain fog and memory problems, low energy, and GI problems like gas, bloating, and constipation? Instead of taking expensive medications or following the latest fad, wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply change the foods you eat?

Most “diet” plans out today are one-size-fits-all. In Functional Medicine, we acknowledge that everyone is unique and DIFFERENT. Our genetics are different, our exposure to environment toxins is different, our stress levels are different, our immune systems are different, and our metabolism is different. Shouldn’t what we eat be different, too?

This is why I have developed the RIGHT Diet Program. This simple, easy-to-follow program is specifically designed with Functional Medicine principles to help you finally take control of your health by finding the right food plan for YOU!

Jump into your online program

Yes—you can do this program from anywhere!

Use the videos & handouts to learn how to heal

Finally get answers about what to eat for your specific body and health issues.

Find your RIGHT diet

Overhaul your digestive health (and your overall health in the process!)

You can expect...

  • Sharper mental clarity
  • Decreased GI symptoms like gas and bloating
  • Energy lasting through the day
  • Less body-wide inflammation
  • Clarity about how to eat for your body!

There is no...

  • Counting calories or points...
  • Taking diet pills...
  • Potentially harmful medications...
  • Long "weigh in" meetings...
  • Or wondering what to eat.

What My Clients Are Saying

"A restructuring of my diet and appropriate supplementation has changed everything. Down 20 lbs since late June and feeling sharper than ever. I cannot say enough about Dr. Seth's approach, feeling the best I have in years!"
- Chris M
"Today marks 2 months of the eating plan and the life style change. I have dropped 12 lbs, energy is up, mental fog is gone, joints are not as stiff, and I feel good overall. I am very pleased with my progress and am not having any problems sticking to the diet/eating plan routine"
- Pam W
"Wow, what a life changer. I have never felt better in my life. I have increased energy, in the best shape of my life and better skin than I have ever had. These easy secrets that Dr. Gerlach has shared has made a dramatic change in my life. I am a busy career mom and now feel like I can balance and have it all. Thank you Dr. Seth for making my dreams come true. I now have the energy to do it all."
- Tricia Z

What You'll Learn in the Program

The most problematic foods, specific to you

What kinds of symptoms and conditions that foods can cause (Hint: it’s way more than GI symptoms!)

How to set up what you eat to benefit your health

How to grocery shop the smart way

How to make delicious meals without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen

How to maintain your health long-term

What You Get Inside the Program

  • The RIGHT Diet Recipe Planner
  • Foods to incorporate and why
  • Grocery shopping list and plan
  • Foods to avoid or limit and why
  • Supplement recommendations for maximum benefit
  • Food Diary Guide and Symptom Tracker
  • Functional Medicine Foundations for a Healthy Life

Plus! Get these bonuses:

  • 7 Daily Practices to Take Back Your Energy Ebook
  • How to Balance Your Blood Sugar PDF
  • The RIGHT Diet Recipe and Meal Plan Guide

You May Be Feeling Like I Was a Few Years Ago...

Hi, I’m Dr. Seth Gerlach. Like you, I had lost control of my health. I was once a happy, healthy kid. At my lowest point, I was taking handfuls of medications, had been to dozens of doctors with no answers, had gained 55 pounds, and barely had enough energy to get through each day. I had lost all hope of a bright future with family and friends. 

I was so fortunate to have found amazing doctors who treated me as a whole person, who dug deep to find my true health concerns, and who inspired me to make instrumental changes in my life. Soon, the weight came off, my need for medications decreased, my brain started to work again, and my energy was back! I can honestly say with sooo much gratitude that I am the healthiest I have ever been!

Without your health what do you have? I learned this principle the hard way, but I have also experienced the true joy and elation of regaining health and vitality! You can heal! I am a true testament to that, and now I love helping others change their lives for the better!